Monday, December 27, 2010

Skirts Laughing by Roger Singer

A tattooed forearm. Red and blue. Breathing life.
A woman kneeling. A dagger. Thick hair twisted.
Eyes of mercy. A cross of forgiveness. Painted blood to the wrist.

His shirt tightens with lust. White cloth. Uniforms speak the man.
Sweat lines his underarms.
Rolled sleeves. A division of cloth and skin. Child to man.

Pouting lips. His cigarette. A long gray ash falls.
Scuffed boots. Anxious of soul.
Sun glasses blue. The deep of him covered.
Eyes sleepily hide. Arms of intention. Windows of want.

Unflinching he leans. Thumbs in pockets. A gray gaze.
He owns the air. Young skirts pass. Nervous and soft.
Giggling. Fires light his heart. He smiles into dreams.

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