Submission Guidelines

This year Illogical Muse will be a triannual

Regular Issue - April Response in March
Regular Issue - August Response in July
Haiku Issue - December Response in August

These three issues will be online only. There will be no print issue this year.

Submission Guidelines for Haiku Issue

Submit up to 10 Haiku poems in the body of an email or as a single attachment. You may also send them by post with a SASE or email for response. Be aware that I must receive them by October. Previously published poems as well as simultaneous submissions are still accepted so long as you credit the previous publishers and let me know if a piece is accepted elsewhere.

Guidelines for artwork are as follows. Attach 5 images to an email (these can be in separate attachments), or send a link to your website. Because of the time limit to get submissions in I WILL NOT accept artwork by snail mail. Images should be gentle and uplifting, nothing dark and abstract.

Obviously, there will be no prose published in this issue.

To submit to one of the regular issues, please consult the guidelines below.


Send a maximum of 5 poems per submission. Poems may be pasted in the body of an email or included in a single attachment. I’ll read any style on any subject but keep in mind that I don’t publish racist, sexist or violent material and extremely long poems have to be really good to keep my attention.


Send a maximum of 3 prose selections. I don’t publish that much prose but I would like to see more submissions of this nature. Prose can include book reviews, essays, short stories, flash fiction and anything else that is written but not considered poetry.


There are three different ways to submit artwork: 1) attach 6-8 images to an email (these can be in separate attachments), 2) send a link to your website, 3) or send a cover letter along with some images on a CD to the snail mail address below. I want to make it perfectly clear that I DO NOT PAY FOR MATERIAL USED ON THE WEBSITE, neither do I look at professional stock photography that is sent via mass email by a middle man.


Simultaneous submissions and previously published material is acceptable but please keep me informed on the status of your submission.

I don’t usually comment on work submitted unless I have a strong opinion. I can’t always say why I like or dislike something, I just do.

Please note that accepted material will remain on Illogical Muse until the next issue is released. Only then will requests to have your work taken down be honored.

If you have given me permission to publish your material, don’t withdraw it once it’s been accepted. The request to withdraw WILL NOT be honored.

In January I publish a Best Of issue, showcasing my favorites of the past year. Once I publish something, you are also giving me the permission to publish it in this issue as well.

If you have taken the time to read these lengthy guidelines I applaud your effort, thank you for your time and look forward to your submission.

Illogical Muse
c/o Amber Rothrock
115 Liberty St. Apt. 1
Buchanan, MI 49107

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