Monday, December 27, 2010

The Great Abstractions by Andrew H. Oerke

The spider-web-fine mantle the Three Weird Sisters wove
called “The Robe of the Great Abstractions”
was the finery for the Big Shot Emperor to put on, so sheer
the Buddha yelled at him, “Hey Rube, you’re naked!”
Jesus pointed out that Love is the truth
and others weighed in. Wars jumped on the bandwagon
and pranced around on the high stilts of self-righteousness
and danced around those scorching at the stake
and screamed, “What a good boy am I, I the pure,
the good and the beautiful; I deserve to don
the Great Emperor’s mantle now it’s all patched up and
re-stitched,” and everyone cheered and double spoke
to push this new God of Love whose secret name was Division
and they all went to bed hung up on high-mindedness.
“It was hard to think anything would get done,”
murmured Ashbury, and Oerke added, “Orky Porky.”
He was pushing Andy’s orchids, two for the price of one
to get rid of them as fast as possible.

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