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I am currently in college, striving for an Associates in Business Management. I have about a year left and it's really been a struggle financially. I've been jobless since I was laid off in 2009. After awhile I started to feel like it was my fault until I read stories of people who have Masters degrees and after 3 years and 1,500 applications still can't find jobs. At least I'm trying to better myself, but sometimes I wonder what good a degree will do if no one is hiring. Of course, there's always the option of starting my own business.

I have been writing poetry for 2 decades now and have appeared in several well known journals since 2005, including Children, Churches & Daddies, Westward Quarterly, and Haight Ashbury Literary Journal. Recently I've had a few selections of my artwork published as well.

Besides writing poetry I also publish it in Illogical Muse, an online literary journal I started back in 2004. It has really grown since then and now I include short fiction, artwork, and book reviews. I also do interviews when I have the time. In the past I have interviewed such great writers as Michael Lee Johnson, Shannon J. Prince, Lyn Lifshin and photographer Sam D'Cruz. It's by far the most exciting part of my job as editor!

I love outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hiking. Luckily we've had a mild winter in Michigan so I've been able to enjoy the outdoors more than usual this time of year. I also like to read, crochet and watch NCIS marathons. The most current thing in my life is preparing to move in with my fiance in February. I'm counting down the days like a kid counting down to Christmas!

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  1. Amber, thank you so much for sharing. There are so many people in your position, including my son. I have been urging him to try to just do something creative (as you are doing). That is how I have survived myself! I am proud of you. It is people like you who have made America great. Donna Miller