Monday, December 27, 2010

Auntie Tommy's Tearoom by Louie Crew

Even when seventy he gave himself so warmly that he
taught boys to treasure their manhood. "Send me
your green horns, your unloved husbands, your poor,
your lame, your tired..." she beckoned ladylike for
decades as they came, one by one, from all over
Georgia. Every spring she celebrated with peaches
and cream heaped high for each gentleman caller.
No one would have dared demean her. Each knew his
special place in her heart. Few ever anywhere else
discovered her sensuous resources. Those who heard
the rumors loved him as fully as those who never
guessed or wouldn't have believed. His choir sang
a cappella at his funeral when his organ fingering
was done. Some say that locally first wet dreams
are squeezed forth when his spirit walks at night.
Auntie Tommy is multi-centennial and as American as
the cinnamon in the apple pie.

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