Friday, September 10, 2010

E-mail To God by Alexander Russo

Dear God:

We know how pissed off you were
when Adam and Eve screwed up
your beautiful garden, and ever since
you’ve been taking it out on us
with plagues and earthquakes
and thunder bolts — You, the perfectionist,
could never admit to a faulty creation —
and now we’ve done it again — thanks to you.
Because you gave us a fantastic brain
we’ve invented super-hypo reality —
which you must abominate,
since we can commit any sin.
You name it, we’ve done it — and much, much more.
Why we’ve advanced so far we can create
our own body parts, make twice as much trouble
by zip-zap cloning.
We are inventing our own creatures, recycling souls.
We've eliminated Heaven and Hell.
There’s no limit to what we can do.
So listen.
Now that we’ve developed the Power, and
with all due respect, knowing how hard you’ve worked
since the beginning of time, we are retiring you
with the title “God Emeritus.”

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