Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain Check On That Cup Of Coffee by Holly Day

It had been so long
since I’d had a dream about Christ

That it kind of took me
by surprise when He

Appeared at the foot of
my bed, floating

A couple of feet above
the shag carpet in that way

He used to when He was
a regular

Guest in my college dorm

He used to talk to me a
lot back then. This time, though

He just stared at me
from across the length of my Amish-made quilt

His eyes so sad and
sorrowful that I honestly felt

That I had done something wrong.
“Can I get you something?” I asked

Because even if I am
some sort of sinner

I am always polite to

Jesus, He used to talk
to me, and maybe

He would still, if I
didn’t have a man asleep in bed next to me

But Jesus is just so
damned polite I think

He was afraid of waking
my husband up.

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