Friday, March 19, 2010

The Book by Sharran Windwalker

How to respond to those who claim
it's not necessary to have an encounter with God
for all that needs to be known of God
is in “The Book?

Pretty simple: imagine a family man
tired of putting up with family matters,
being there for them, paying bills,
responsibility for wife and kids' well-being
caught in an endless variety of duties:
“Enough of that!” says he.

At the office, he sits at his computer
and writes a book for his family –
and he calls it “the Father's Book”.
After several re-writes, he gets it right
and finally gives it to his wife one Sunday morning.

“There you are, dear.
All you need from me; all you need to know
you will find in “The Father's Book” and leaves
never to be seen again by either wife or kids.

The family struggles and survives without him.
The wife dutifully reads the book everyday
and makes the children listen also.
Copies are made and distributed at great cost and hardship,
amongst laughter and derision...

But the “unseen husband” becomes popular
from the love and dedication of the wife:
the children become interpreters of “The Father's Book.”
Eventually a gathering forms around the myth:
the disappeared husband becomes famous...
and for what? For abandoning his family.

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